In Asphalt Nitro the player has to become a racer who decides to take first place in the race. To do this you will have to sweat, choose a car and go on to conquer the track. You can choose which car you want to win, and then choose the track you want to race on. Buy a new or pump up an old car, to raise the characteristics to the maximum and squeeze out of the machine all possible speed. Participate in races and in case of victory, the player will receive money which can be invested in the tuning and pimping cars. Race on tracks around the world and try to find all the shortcuts so that those after you swallow the dust. Game Features: -eight game modes; -Access to play with friends in asynchronous multiplayer; High-quality 3D graphics and simple controls; -tracks in the most picturesque corners of the world; Asphalt Nitro for Android - a beautiful adrenaline masterpiece that combines all that gamers love: a beautiful picture, cool effects and high speed. Let the asphalt and the skies burn!